Walk In Shanghai

Walk In Shanghai


Shanghai’s cultural urban appeal for the global context

Situation: With its futuristic skyline and sprawling network of streets, subway lines, and highways, Shanghai represents not just China’s unbridled dynamism, but also the rapidly maturing global economy. However there is alot more to Shanghai than skyscrapers.

Action: The bustling city of Shanghai, holds a further, complex and equally exhilarating narrative nestled at the feet of its towering skyscrapers. ‘Walk in Shanghai’ tells the story of the lively, multifaceted and above all else, very human experience unfolding at the street level of this massive city. With pioneering techniques and creative excellence, JT Singh has created a short sharable film that creatively captures the street level essence of the city. More importantly, the video is powerfully captivating to the point is has spread across the global internet and social networks. It is with stellar creative vision, next level brand strategy and experimental technical efforts that creates such digital artifacts for city governments to effectively amplify both economic and cultural priorities in the digital age.



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