Jay Shells Brings “Rap Quotes Project” to Atlanta

Jay Shells Brings “Rap Quotes Project” to Atlanta

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In March of 2013, urban artist Jay Shells launched his “Rap Quotesproject in New York, whereby he installed street signs emblazoned with rap lyrics in the specific locations that said lyrics called out. The series was so well received by the public (and the rappers he quoted) that, he went for another spin around the city and then took it on the road to Los Angeles, Philadelphia and most recently, Atlanta.

“The plan has always been to get all of the major cities in the U.S. represented,” said Shells about his latest trek down south. “Atlanta has such a rich and vibrant hip hop culture, it was a must to get down there as soon as I could and the fine folks from the A3C festival helped to get us down there and showed us a great time.” Shells says he plans to go back in October and add some more lyrics that he missed the first time around.

“To quote Andre 3000, ‘The South got somethin’ to say, and that’s all I got to say.’”

(Video/Photos: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)




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