Apple iOS 9 Leak Reveals an Interface Makeover and New Functions

Apple iOS 9 Leak Reveals an Interface Makeover and New Functions


Forbes has reported multiple leaks concerning new upgrades that will be packaged in Apple‘s upcoming iOS9, which is officially set to be unveiled next month at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC). An integral new app named “Home” will be introduced in iOS 9. Home acts as a control center for HomeKit products, which can be anything “smart” — for example, smart garage doors, remote controls, light switches etc. Apparently, Home is expected to be Siri compatible, a futuristic development that aims to continue to encourage the integration of technology in our everyday lives. Additional changes include the replacement of iOS 7 font Helvetica Neue for Apple’s in-house issued typescript “San Francisco,” which is currently being used on the Apple Watch, and a wider range of multitask capabilities that will be supported by the 2GB of RAM stored within the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus.

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