It’s time to tell us your Confessions…

It’s time to tell us your Confessions…

What would life be like if we all confessed more, if we were all open about our feelings, if we cared less about what people felt and shared are deepest most intimate thoughts with one another? Would it work? Would it be too controversial? Would it give us have more of an insight into the person next to us or the person next them? Would it make us realise that we weren’t as fucked up as we thought we was? Who knows?

Candy Cheng had a great idea, one I wish that I thought of and also one in which I’d like to do with the readers of the website. Cheng opened up an interactive station where he invited people to anonymously share their confessions and see the confessions of the people around them in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.

Confessions-plaques-2 Confessions-wall1 Confessions-painting-running-out-of-time Confessions-plaques-6 Confessions-booths-front Confessions-plaques-angled-2 Confessions-8-Candy-Chang-painting

Some confessions included things like:

  • I’m scared I’ll die alone, I eat too much cheese
  • Came here married to one girl and left married to two girls, I sold heroin to my friend and it ruined his life, 
  • I stole over 15,000 from the company I work for
  • I like porn more than my husband does
  • I don’t know what I am doing and I’m running out of time
  • I sold heroin to my friend and it ruined his life

To read more of the confessions click: Confessions

Anyway here’s a confession from me to you, I had an addiction to Rich Tea biscuits for 13 years (but now I’m clean)…. OK I understand its not actually like having a Crack or Meth addiction but a packet a day ain’t good for you!

So whats your confession????


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