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LEGO Architecture – Flatron Building

LEGO Architecture – Flatron Building

lego-architecture-flatiron-building-01-960x640 lego-architecture-flatiron-building-02-960x640 lego-architecture-flatiron-building-03-960x640 lego-architecture-flatiron-building-04-960x640


LEGO expands their Architecture offerings as they present a miniature version of New York’s historic Flatiron Building. Located on the corner of Broadway, Fifth Avenue and East 22nd Street, the “Fuller Building” – as it was originally called – became one of the city’s tallest buildings at 20 stories on completion in 1902. As New Yorkers are known to do, they insisted on using the nickname and it was later officially adopted, finally becoming a National Historic Landmark.

Now available in the world’s most beloved Danish building blocks, the LEGO Architecture Flatiron Building captures the limestone façade and Beaux-Arts styling of architect Daniel Burnham’s masterpiece. Actual measurements are 6” high and 4” deep, while the set comes with a detailed building instruction booklet that includes six pages of history on the building and architect.

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