LA from 10,000 Feet Above – Stunning Aerial Photography by Vincent Laforet

LA from 10,000 Feet Above – Stunning Aerial Photography by Vincent Laforet

stunning-aerial-footage-photos-of-los-angeles-from-10000-feet-by-vincent-laforet-1 stunning-aerial-footage-photos-of-los-angeles-from-10000-feet-by-vincent-laforet-2 stunning-aerial-footage-photos-of-los-angeles-from-10000-feet-by-vincent-laforet-3 stunning-aerial-footage-photos-of-los-angeles-from-10000-feet-by-vincent-laforet-4 stunning-aerial-footage-photos-of-los-angeles-from-10000-feet-by-vincent-laforet-5 stunning-aerial-footage-photos-of-los-angeles-from-10000-feet-by-vincent-laforet-6

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet presents the latest images of his “AIR” series which depict Los Angeles at night. Shot from 10,000 feet in the air, the images are incredibly colorful and luminous and act as a continuation to Laforet’s “dream project” that first started in his hometown of New York. Other cities that have been photographed include Las Vegas and San Francisco with AIR taking Laforet on a worldwide journey. Future destinations set to be shot include London, Paris, Tokyo and more.

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AIR is a project born of my need to share an important lesson I’ve discovered over the past decade making aerial photographs: the world is much smaller than we think. Borders are irrelevant and distances shortened. Clearly, we are more intimately connected to one another than we may realize.
AIR is a once a lifetime experience for our team and I’d like to pay that passion and excitement forward with as many of you as possible.
I chose the title AIR because it’s something we all share and are all equally responsible for. By definition AIR doesn’t belong to anyone. It belongs to us all regardless of background, social status and origin, as does this project.
I want to invite you to share your stories and come together at a series of meet ups* we are organizing in each new city that we travel to thanks to everyone one of you who has supported AIR and a few visionary sponsors* (including G-Tech & Storehouse) who have helped this project take flight.
I sincerely hope you will share in the joy of AIR. I hope these images make you smile, or think, or feel for just a moment a little more connected to somebody you’ve yet to meet. Please spread this experience with others.
Will you take the next step and become directly involved in telling your stories of your cities?
A few of you will be invited to fly with us over your cities and many of you will be invited to join us for pre-flight meet ups in each city that we visit, this project will reach its full potential only once you share YOUR stories about your lives, those close to you, and your city with others around the world.
Finally, you always have the option to directly support the project by visiting the store on this site as the majority of those funds will directly go towards helping us visit more cities and continue to share Air with with everyone.
If you made it this far, I guess I can safely say: Welcome aboard to project AIR!
Sincerely – Vincent Laforet


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