Domino’s: Order your pizza via emoji

Domino’s: Order your pizza via emoji

It’s often a criticism of online & social media in particular, that it’s an unhealthy form of social connection. No longer are we having frequent, emotionally rich face-to-face conversations. Instead we’re texting, emailing, tweeting & it’s all very impersonal.dominoslogo

Domino’s tweet to order means that now you don’t even have to use words. NO WORDS. Simply tweet them the pizza emoji & they’ll have your favourite on its way to you in under five seconds. Now that is what I call fast food.

The principal is that you have an account with Domino’s, you link this to your Twitter feed  & so when you tweet the emoji the company has all the information they need to book in, charge & deliver  your delicious dough-based delight to you without even saying a word. This blows Amazon’s #AddtoCart out of the water.


Sadly it’s only kicking off in the US later this month & it’s unsure whether or when this functionality will reach British shores. Until then, we’ll have to use that archaic concept of an e-commerce website. 

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