APN – They Live / We Live Collection (@APNAPNAPN)

APN – They Live / We Live Collection (@APNAPNAPN)

Inspired by Ray Nelson’s short story ‘Eight O’clock in the Morning’, in 1988 John Carpenter directed ‘They Live’ (video attatched): one of the most influential B-movies of our time where scumbag ‘aliens’ are controlling the Earth, depleting the resources and causing global warming.’

The hero of the film, John Nada (Roddy Piper), finds and puts on some sunglasses, he see’s the world quite literally in black & white with what advertising is really saying, ‘Work 8 hours. Sleep 8 hours. Play 8 hours’.

If you we’re to look through sun-tinted APN sunglasses you would see how ‘We Live’ from the APN perspective, we see: ‘Spray 8 hours. Skate 8 Hours. Surf 8 hours’.
APN ‘Spray.Skate.Surf’ is the start of a collection, inspired by the film and what we believe APN stands for.
This is not a dream, this really is how ‘We Live’.

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Release date 18th May 2015, RRP £30.00 available form www.apublicnuisance.com

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