Nike x Liberty SS15 Collection

Nike x Liberty SS15 Collection

Nike and Liberty take a trip back to the 1970s with their new collection for summer 2015. The collection features the rarely seen Merlin print, originally designed by Liberty for a silk scarf back in 1972.

The collection commemorates the return of the Nike Air Rift. Originally introduced in 1996, the Nike Air Rift’s signature aesthetic is a result of Nike’s never-ending pursuit to improve athletic performance. Designers working on the project blended technical fabrics, customisable fit systems, and an early form of natural motion design to create a performance shoe worthy of the runners that inspired its creation. For summer ’15 the Air Rift’s unusual aesthetics are complemented by Liberty’s Merlin print for a unique expression of sport driven style.

Alongside the Air Rift, the collection’s footwear offering features the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra, on which the Merlin print covers the upper; the Nike Tennis Classic Ultra, which boasts a full Merlin upper and plain white tongue to set off the design; the classic Nike Cortez featuring a full Merlin upper; the Nike Zenji with an understated Merlin pattern behind the Nike Swoosh; and the Nike Air Max Thea, which includes a Merlin upper and a distinctive white Nike Swoosh heel.

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Wednesday, 22 April @ 8pm BST: 


4 of 6 styles to be released online, rest in-store:


Monday, 4 May @ 8am: 

Nike Air Rift Only

Friday, 15 May @ 8am: 

Nike Remainder of collection

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